PlantLife of Western Texas is a stunningly beautiful collection. With text accompanying each photo that is both poetic and informative, the strange becomes familiar, the familiar strange, until you are left with a deep gratitude for the land and people that make up this extraordinary part of our country. I know I’ll return to it often.

Kevin Powers
Author of The Yellow Birds – The New York Times's 100 Most Notable Books of 2012 and a finalist for the 2012 National Book Award

Somehow, thru his lens, the stark and oft unforgiving desert land of West Texas becomes luscious living poetry...

Bonnie Wynn Ramirez

Fun, wit, mystery, macabre.

Mary Kate Rodgers
Rancher in Uvalde County


Kevin’s art approaches Western Texas with
a poet’s soul
a mystic’s curiosity
a healer’s hand
and a painter’s eye.

As a Tejano it is so refreshing to see our border-
our land
our people
our light
our joys & struggles presented without the usual politics
of the carpet-bagger photo-journalist.

The photos–stark & proud
The journalism–questions posed by light & shadow.
Western Texas has an incandescence unique in the world.
The pilgrimage to Big Bend, Terlingua, Marfa, El Paso
is not a recent blog fueled fad.
Centuries of seekers’ ghosts haunt this hallowed ground.

Like all great photography,
these images filled me with wordless answers

to invisible questions.
The photos in this collection
capture cosmic stillness with kinetic fire.
I loved & highly recommend this Texas treasure.

David Garza
Musician, artist

Of the many folks, I’ve met along the way in searching and telling the story of ‘Trans Pecos' Kevin Greenblat is, hands down, one of the most talented photographers I've crossed paths with who’s chosen West Texas to portray its land as well as plants.

‘PlantLife of Western Texas’ is a book of earnest appreciation of the relationship between those who have roamed these parts and the plants that have endured for so many years. 

Thank you Kevin for your creation.

Nicol Ragland
Photographer/Creative Director at Wolf Birds